Varies by transaction: - Common Equity
- Preferred equity
- Sub debt
- Structured Credit (including DIP and exit financing)

Right Lane makes control investments in established companies across a broad spectrum of transaction types, sizes, and industries. Right Lane is often a buyer of choice in complex transactions regarded as too challenging by conventional private market investors.

Right Lane is actively looking to expand its portfolio. Please contact us with any opportunities that might be a fit. We believe in quick response times, and are pleased to pay appropriate finders' fees in the event of a successful transaction.

PREFERRED BUYER OF manufacturing and industrial businesses

Investment Horizon

- Indefinite


- Control investors (51% - 100%)


- Focus on United States and Canada, but willing to invest opportunistically elsewhere provided there are stable political/accounting regimes in place.

Industries of Interest

- Equipment Manufacturing
- Engineered Products
- Industrial Services
- Analytical Instrumentation
- Value-Added Distribution
- Aerospace & Defense
- Agriculture and Environmental
- Power Generation & Services

Business Characteristics

- Substantial engineering/product development 
- Significant market share or brand recognition
- Customized/small batch products
- Diverse customer base
- Aftermarket parts/services revenues
- “Mission Critical” product applications
- High customer switching costs

Transaction Types

- Corporate carve outs/divestitures
- Distressed/restructuring​/turnarounds
- Public-to-private acquisitions
- Structured equity/credit
- Buyout of retiring or passive shareholders
- Management buyouts


Financial Profile

- Platform EBITDA of <$0 to $50 million 
- Frequently undergoing deteriorating performance
- Willing to invest in unprofitable/distressed companies with significant hard assets or a clear path to profitability
- Any Revenue/EBITDA size for add-on acquisitions