About Us

PREFERRED BUYER OF manufacturing and industrial businesses


Eric J. Mara | CEO

Eric is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Right Lane Industries LLC. Prior to founding Right Lane, Eric was a junior partner at a research-driven, long/short equity hedge fund formed to deploy private equity-like due diligence to public markets investing. Eric began his career as a member of the private equity deal team at Audax Group.

Mr. Mara received a BSBA, Magna Cum Laude, from Babson College, and resides in Coral Gables, FL with his wife and daughters.

Why Right Lane?


We are often asked why we named our firm Right Lane, which is commonly associated with the slow lane on a highway. Drivers seeking the fastest route through traffic conventionally seek out the 'fast' left lane, or attempt to swerve through traffic to gain an advantage. But in high traffic settings, the left lane invariably becomes over-crowded, with more cars in the lane resulting in more starts and stops, and slower progress; while frequent lane switching can result in accidents or bad bets. Meanwhile, the right lane tends to suffer from net outflows of cars as drivers pull into the perceived faster lanes, or exit the highway altogether, and therefore offers the fastest and smoothest route.

Investing is a high traffic setting. The pursuit of investment returns is competitive. While many investors attempt to generate returns by chasing the popular investment of the day (the financial equivalent of the left lane), or by making large numbers of trades (weaving through lanes), Right lane focuses on overlooked or complicated situations that other investors often regard as "too difficult." We conduct deep due diligence and make a small number of investments with conviction, with the intent of staying invested for extended periods of time (longer than a traditional private equity investment horizon of 3-5 years). We expect our strategy will result in significant wealth creation for our investors and management teams.