Right Lane Environmental, LLC

Business Overview: Right Lane Environmental provides solid waste disposal services to independent power producers, and restores abandoned mine properties to their natural condition.
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Transaction Type: Special Situation/Structured Equity

Fenn-Torin LLC

Business Overview: Fenn designs, manufactures and markets coilers, swagers, and mills.
Headquarters: East Berlin, Connecticut
Transaction Type: Carveout of non-core business following the acquisition of parent company by a competitor

Multipress Inc

Business Overview: Multipress designs, manufactures and markets hydraulic presses of all sizes.
Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio
Transaction Type: Carveout of non-core business following the acquisition of parent company by a competitor

Public Investment Partnerships

Business Overview: Right Lane and its affiliates manage investment partnerships that own meaningful stakes in undervalued small cap publicly companies.
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Our affiliate, Right Lane Industries LLC, is a holding company/permanent capital vehicle without any outside equity investors. RLI owns its investments on a permanent basis, and manages them for long-term value (rather than short-term cash flow). Current RLI subsidiaries include:

Right Lane is actively looking to expand its portfolio. Please contact us with any opportunities that might be a fit. We believe in quick response times, and are pleased to pay appropriate finders' fees in the event of a successful transaction.

Pacific Press Technologies, Inc.

Business Overview: Pacific Press Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets large tonnage hydraulic press brakes, shears, presses, and associated aftermarket parts and services.
Headquarters: Mount Carmel, Illinois
Transaction Type: Carveout from larger industrial conglomerate

Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc.

Business Overview: Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. designs, manufactures and markets a full line of analysis and measurement instrumentation for the natural gas and process industries. 
Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta
Transaction Type: Take-private acquisition of a tightly held public company

Current investments